We supply peptide ready made pens for the ultimate in convenience. Do you want to use peptides but find mixing confusing then we have the solution!

Our Pre Mixed Peptide Pen Range -

These pens are designed for people who are new to peptides and do not know how to mix. We have supplied our full range of peptides pre mixed below. You can buy peptides pen packages which consists of, – the peptide of your choice, a bacterised water, mixed in a cartridge. A Pen, with tips and a pen carry case.

We also sell Pre mixed cartages, if you already have a pen and you could like to buy just cartridges. On every listing we say how long each cartridge will last. We also advise you on how long you should be taking the peptide for to achieve the desired benefits & results. From that we say how many cartridges you will need to complete a course.

We have designed this to give very customer the easiest and way to understand how to take peptides and what they should be taking. For the best medical research results.

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